Sunday Morning Speaker


Thank you for serving our church by speaking publicly from the platform on Sunday mornings. The Bible says in 1st Peter 4:11 – that all the spiritual gifts break down into 2 main categories: Speaking Gifts and Serving Gifts. You have been asked to speak from the front at Gracelife because we believe you have been gifted by the Holy Spirit to speak on behalf of God. Halleluijah!

With that said - you are also part of a church with certain beliefs and practices and a specific vision - and every time you speak - you not only represent God - but also Gracelife Beachside. Having so many different people speak from the platform on a Sunday-to-Sunday basis is refreshing because it shows diversity in the body of Jesus. At the same time – it’s a challenge because every person has a different passion and way of communicating God’s Truth.

In order to leverage the best of both worlds – and preserve your unique way of communicating Truth - and yet also remain consistent with the overall vision/mission of Gracelife church – we’ve developed the following speaking guidelines. We ask everyone to abide by these rules when you speak from the platform on Sunday mornings. By following these guidelines – we ensure as a church that we speak clearly and consistently as a church body – no matter who’s up front from Sunday-to-Sunday. Appreciate you all.

much grace,

Pastor Jeff

Speaking Guidelines for Everyone

Guideline #1: Memorize our Vision/Mission/Values.

Because you speak publicly for our church – it’s important that you truly understand and own “WHO” we are – and what our church is all about. With that in mind - every person who speaks from the platform should be able to clearly articulate our Vision Statement, Church Motto, Core Values and Core Commitments if asked to.  Please memorize the follwoing 4 elements - and when the Holy Spirit moves you - share parts of them with the congregation while you are up there.


GraceLife Beachside exists to make disciples of the Beachside community thru multiplying Small Groups and Therapeutic Outreach. We seek to provide a safe place where the unchurched and de-churched can rethink their lives and explore a relationship with Jesus Christ.


GraceLife Beachside: Your Refuge by the sea.


1. With Grace - We are humble as our Lord and Savior Jesus was humble. We don’t scold each other, berate each other – or motivate by fear.
2. With Authenticity - We are an open and honest church – we tell the truth at all times and freely confess our faults. Because the Gospel tells us that we have nothing to fear, nothing to prove and nothing to hide – we practice transparency with confidence.
3. With Joy - We are a joyful body of believers who like to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously – while at the same time - we take our mission very seriously. Even though we like to laugh – it’d be a mistake to underestimate us – our joy makes us tenacious


1st – We will be Gratitude-Driven and Shame-Averse
2nd - We will embrace Sacrifice and shun Comfort.
3rd – We will stress Cooperation over Competition
4th – We will choose Trust instead of Suspicion
5th - We will gladly Send rather than Hoard

Guideline #2: The Church Motto should get mentioned frequently

We really want to brand our church as a "refuge by-the-sea" and in order to do that - we need to find creative ways to consistenly work the church motto into the flow of the service. It’s as easy as just saying: “this is Gracelife church – your Refuge by the Sea.”

Speaking Guidelines for those who Open the Service

The following guidelines relate specifically to those who open our services at Gracelife and do our Gracelife Welcome, announcements and greeting. *Note: These 6 guidelines are in addition to the 2 guidelines above that relate to everyone. 

Guideline #1: Be ready to speak as soon as the countdown video strikes 0.

Please don't be late getting up on stage - and please don't be early standing up front before the video ends. Try to time your acension as the video is ending.

Guideline #2: Eat the mic

Make sure to hold the microphone right up to your mouth - almost touching your lips (but not quite).

Guideline #3: Comment Cards should be announced every Sunday

Make sure to take a comment card up with you each Sunday morning and hold it up and gesture to it – and encourage people to fill one out if they are visiting for the first time – or if they would like more information about church. They can also fill out a comment card if they have a prayer request or if they would like to know more about the youth group, etc… We have a ton of people blow thru our church on a Sunday to Sunday basis – and the key is – we want to be able to effectively care for them and reach out to them at their point of need.

Also - we are going to purchase pockets that will be sewn into the chair backs – that will be able to house comment cards, offering envelopes, etc… by January 1st 2020. That way – a comment card will always be within arm’s reach from anyone visiting our church.

People should be directed to drop their comment card into the offering plate (during our time of giving) or they can drop it into one of the wooden boxes that collect comment cards in the Navigation Station.


Guideline #4: The Shaka should get announced every Sunday

Because we are a church that seeks to reach the unchurched, dechurched – and also the overhcurched (legalists) – we want to consistently communicate to people what a healthy life looks like. We want to hold before them week-to-week the practices and observances that cause a person to be fully integrated in body/mind/soul/spirit. That is where the Gracelife shaka comes in!!! We came up with a catchy - helpful acronym (5 C’s) – that is easy to memorize to help people know “What does God desire for me? What does a healthy life look like? What rythms characterize a well-adjusted human being?” Below is the shaka.


The Gracelife Shaka will be displayed in the Navigation Station – and you can gesture it from the platform using your hand. Let the Holy Spirit lead you – and don’t feel a need to get boxed in with a certain way of saying it – but as long as you are hitting the 5 keys you’re good. Here is just one example of how you might share the shaka on a Sunday morning during your intro:

“Well perhaps you have come this morning – and you are back in church for the first time in a long time – and you are wondering ‘What does God want me to do from here? What’s next?’ Well, that’s a great question – and we here at Gracelife believe that a healthy spiritual life consists of 5 practices. They are: Come, Confess, Commune, Connect and Contribute.

First of all – God desires that we come. Come to church regularly and consistently and hear the Word of God with the people of God. Second – Confess Jesus as Lord and Savior and get baptized. If you have never been baptized before – we’d love the privilege to baptize you – and you can indicate that on the comment card in the chair back in front of you. Third – commune with God. Read the bible – and pray – consistently – hopefully even daily!!! Even if you have never done that consistenly before - start small and work your way up from there. Some prayer is better than none. Reading a verse before work – is better than no verse J  Fourth – Connect with a small group of some type. Water seeks its own level – and you need spiritual companions if you want to live a spiritual life. We have all different types of small groups to connect with here at Gracelife too: Mens, womens, home groups, Sunday morning groups, etc… Fifth – contribute, pitch in and volunteer to serve somewhere in the church.”

Guideline #5: Make sure to announce the whole announcement

As always – we will continue to supply you with a list of announcements that pertain specifically that week and upcoming events. Please make sure to mention every detail that is written in those announcements. We work hard on wording those as concise as possible – and so please make sure you don’t leave out any details. Read it off the page if you have to!

Guideline #6: Don't stop being you!

One of the things that makes having a diverse team speak from the platform such a blessing is the different points of view you all bring. Even though we are instituting these new guidelines - WE DON”T WANT YOU TO STOP BEING YOU!!! Keep sharing devotional thoughts, or Scriptures, or casting vision for the youth ministry, or home groups, etc…. as the Spirit leads you up there.

Speaking Guidelines for Guest Speakers

From time to time - we have guests who give announcements in our pulpit. Ministry leaders, missionaires and charities all share our airwaves on Sunday morning from time to time. With them in mind - we ask that they abide by the following guidelines.

Guideline #1: Be punctual

Be at church not later than 9:45 the Sunday morning you are speaking in order to get your order of service from Jessica.

Guideline #2: Take no more than 7 minutes.

When I was growing up - a big game that kids played at parties was "7 minutes in heaven." It wasn't a game for church kids - that's for sure. Why did I bring it up? Cuz now the number 7 is blazed in your brain for all time and you know to keep your talk to 7 mins or less. Thank you!

Guideline #3: Eat the mic

Make sure to hold the microphone right up to your mouth - almost touching your lips (but not quite).


Your Refuge by-the-sea