EQUIP - Sundays @9am


Gracelife is not only seriously committed to reaching out - BUT also to "building up" those in the body of Christ as the book of Ephesians explains that the church should be "equipping Christians for the work of ministry" (Eph 4:12).

Therefore - we encourage everyone to show up early Sunday mornings (before BIG church) to attend our EQUIP class - that starts at 9am every Sunday morning in the Fellowship Hall. This is a time of intensive discipleship where we will delve even deeper into God's Word (you're gonna wanna bring your SCUBA gear for this one - the snorkel simply won't do!).

Our EQUIP class is lead by Bobby Bryan.


Bobby has been married to his wife Michelle for 17 years - and they have 3 children - Robert II (10), Deja (27), and DeJuan (26). Bobby is passionate about apologetics, teaching the next generation, and serving the church where needed. In his free time he likes to spend time with family, pick things up and put them down, Star Wars, Cool Cars, and a good movie.

Current Study Topic:


Just like you train hard to stay in shape, you should consider training your heart, mind, and soul to be "equipped" to share your faith! We are currently studying how to give an intelligent and reasoned defense for our faith including answering the question: Why are things like Mormonism, Islam and Jehovah's Witness wrong and dangerous?

This curent series has an Apologetics thrust and will help you better understand what the Bible teaches - and how we can defend the basic tennets of our faith against those who try to shake our faith in Jesus and His grace. 

Join us at 9am on Sunday mornings. 

*Child care is not currently provided during the EQUIP hour.


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