Reaching Millenials


This study is geared to help us better understand our culture, and to grow as ministry leaders so that in turn we can better teach those entrusted to our charge. Keith and I are committed to keeping the most relevant, most helpful resources before you at all times so that you can continue to flourish and grow as leaders.

The “Reaching Millennials” Study was been done by Thom Rainer – a Church Missiologist and cultural expert. The Study has been broken down into 11 sessions – and each session contains a roughly 22 minute long video (or .mp3) with an appropriate study guide to go along with it. You can listen to it in your car on MP3 or you can watch it on your Smart Phone or tablet. We have both audio and video formats available to help make this as convenient as possible.


  1. Reaching Millenials Study Guide
  2. Part #1 Video OR Audio
  3. Part #2 Video OR Audio
  4. Part #3 Video OR Audio
  5. Part #4 Video OR Audio
  6. Part #5 Video OR Audio
  7. Part #6 Video OR Audio
  8. Part #7 Video OR Audio
  9. Part #8 Video OR Audio
  10. Part #9 Video OR Audio
  11. Part #10 Video OR Audio
  12. Part #11 Video OR Audio

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