Greeting is one of the most important ministries in our church - as that personal touch is often what makes the difference between a person feeling welcomed - and a person feeling distant. Below are some helpful guidelines for our greeters. If you'd like to volunteer to serve as a greeter on Sunday mornings - please contact Harvey Goldstein at 707.567.8188.

Guidelines for Greeters

1st Guideline: Keep Connect Cards Handy at all times

Connect cards are the primary onramp to our church. Have a handful of those on you at all times and be ready to help newbies fill one out and gather their information.

2nd Guideline: Wear your lanyard

Visibility is a huge key to helping people feel more comfortable. Lanyards are kept in the Storage Room in the Gathering Place. If you need a new lanyard - See Jessica.

3rd Guideline: Be Visible

Try not to get sucked into long conversations with the regulars - but keep your eyes "downfield" for newbies.

4th Guideline: Be Punctual

As a greeter - we need you to arrive to church ahead of time - in order to greet people who are arriving "on time." Please show up and be ready to greet by 9:45 each Sunday that you are scheduled.


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