Church Membership


 Steps for joining Gracelife Church

Step #1: Let your old church know you are leaving.

We want to be respectful of your last place of worship - and so we ask that you please let your previous church know that you are transferring your membership to Gracelife.

Step #2: Read the Book I am a church member by Thom Rainer.

We will give you a copy of this book - free. Just ask someone who has on a lanyard on Sunday.


Step #3: Share your testimony with a church leader.

Share your story about how you came to know Jesus with your home group leader, a deacon, an elder or staff person.

Step #4: Fill out the ministry Survey Form

Tell us about your ministry interests, passions, phobias, etc... You can fill out the Ministry survey form here.

Step #5: Choose a home group to join

We belive Christianity is about life-on-life relationships with other believers. With that in mind - we desire every Gracelifer be involved in a home group. You can find a list of our home groups here.

Step #6: Be introduced to the church

The final step is you will be introduced to the church on a Sunday morning. Once you have completed steps 1-5 - just drop us a note here and let us know that you're ready to join!


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